Almost there!

In the not-so-distant-future, this site will become the official site for Free From Verbal Abuse. A few more tweaks in the new format and it will be ready to replace the existing site! There are four more articles that need to go up and some additional information put on the “Our Store” page and we’ll be ready!

The goal for the “Our Store” page is to provide materials directly from this site. Although I love that my book, “But Words Will Never Hurt Me” is available on, as an author, I only get about $1.50 per sale. So that I can have more of the funds go directly into furthering the cause for this website, I wish to provide PDF versions of both the book and supporting workbook for only $14! That can be done through Paypal (to be set up by the end of September 2013). For now, people have to contact me directly if they wish to get the materials in PDF format. That can be done through the “contact us” page of this website.

Other items will also be for sale so keep checking back for updates!