Dr. Moffat of Natural Health Techniques

Dr. Moffat is now featured on the Free From Verbal Abuse Forum. Because of her, I am now a vibrant and healthy person. If you’re looking for someone who works in natural health care, I highly recommend her. Here is her bio that she posted. Or, click on THIS LINK to take you directly to it in the forum.

Hi and welcome to the FreeFromVerbalAbuse site!

I’m Dr. Denice Moffat, a veterinarian/naturopath and medical intuitive and have known Del for years and years. As one of the healers/practitioners for Del’s site, I wanted to let you in on a little secret. . .after a couple of decades of working on my own self esteem issues and being involved in two verbally abusive marriages and several verbally abusive relationships, I’ve actually lost the right to sing the blues. One of my clients, a psychotherapist, said to me after her consult “Wow, you’ve done a lot of work on yourself. I can tell. I’m impressed.”

Yes I have. My life is now awesome and love-filled. I’m manifesting and living my dreams of being a successful healer and co-owner of a really cool permaculture farm/nursery, I have an adoring husband who worships me and supports my every hair-brained idea I set my sights on (including my mattress spring clematis arbor and my little chapel built of glass bottles).

Here at FreeFromVerbalAbuse.com we want the most positive and expansive life for every one of you! We have some pretty spectacular exercises, resources and spiritual guidance to share with you to assist your moving through the trauma of verbal abuse. We don’t want you to just survivewhat you may currently be going thorough—we want you to fully understand, overcome and come out the other side of it so that you can manifest the life you were truly meant to live. We want to see you THRIVE.

My own personal journey has encompassed immersing myself in my relationship with God and my guides and angels, listening to that Still Small Voice within that I knew was with me all along even though I gave my power away to many, many people in my lifetime; having faith that the Universe is conspiring for my good at all times; doing emotional clearing and self-forgiveness work; learning what healthy boundaries were; learning how to say ‘no’ to projects and people who sucked the life right out of me; making my body healthy enough to say YES to those activities and projects that enliven me and molding a spiritual belief system that works for me.

Learning to say ‘no’ was really difficult for me. I still feel twinges of guilt sometimes, but it has become easier over the years. I have stopped trying to be the perfect wife, daughter, step-mother, sister, friend, student, doctor, committee member and volunteer that I felt others expected of me over the years and have fully stepped into my authentic self.

This journey of healing takes time—sometimes a lifetime—but the important thing is to start that journey with the tools currently available to you. Use what you think you’d like and put some other tools on that big Cosmic Bookshelf in the sky to use later when you’re ready. As you progress, miracles will happen. Trust me on this. The Universe will open more doors as you’re ready for them and your life will become more blessed and fulfilled than you ever could have imagined. Just keep moving forward and don’t look back. Put your walking shoes on and take that first step. We’re all here to help you.

Everyone deserves to be loved, listened to and valued. That means you! So join us. Del has designed this well-thought-out site to be easy to use. She’s developed a set of videos to teach you how to navigate through it for those of you who are more visually-oriented, so explore those videos and let’s get going. You are safe here.

Dr. Denice Moffat (Denice)