Freedom Flowers

I would like to introduce Seneca who owns a business called “Freedom Flowers.” That may sound interesting to you but I’ll tell you from experience that flower essences work quite well for emotional issues. For as long as we can find in history, people have used the healing properties of flowers for various maladies. As far as I know, Seneca is the only person who sells flower essences that makes them herself.

Because many people in abusive relationships are also dealing with emotional stuff, I want to pass along information that I believe can help you. I for one, know that flower essences work. For one, they keep the pain level down as long as I’m consistent with taking them. That’s huge!

Please check out Seneca’s bio on the Free From Verbal Abuse forum. Click HERE to see her bio.

If you want more information on how flower essences can help you, please check out her website by clicking HERE.