Articles on Verbal and Emotional Abuse


This section of the website is devoted to learning what causes emotional and verbal abuse. We learn how to behave by modeling others. If that “modeling” is abusive, it would only seem natural that we could become abusive ourselves. Think for a moment about the abusive parent… What about a man who hits his wife and yells at her in front of the children? What about all the violence we see on TV or in musical lyrics? What do you think of our politicians and how they constantly attack one another? How about bullying in our schools? Where do you think kids learn that type of behavior? How is abuse rampant in society? Is there anything we can do to curb the continual trend of abusing others?

There are a lot of “why’s” in our society. The articles in this section are meant to help you see how abusers become abusers and how we as a society are contributing to that behavior.

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