New Look!

Introducing the new look!

Many of you who’ve visited this site will notice that it has a new look. Most of the articles have been updated and/or revised. Since the site was started in 2008, web design has come a long way! Because of that, We’ve switched to a new format (through WordPress) that will make navigating around the site much easier.

How you can help us…

Please check the “Our Store” section. You can now purchase the book “But Words Will Never Hurt Me” directly from the site in PDF format. Yes, you can still purchase it on but if you don’t care about having a hard copy, feel free to order it in PDF format (which I understand can be uploaded into Kindle).

  • The book is purchasable for $7 from the site
  • The workbook is ONLY available from the site for $5. It’s meant to assist those desiring to determine the presence of abuse in the reader’s own situation.
  • Purchase BOTH items for only $10 from this site!
  • All funds go directly into furthering the cause of this site (research, writing, etc.) Everything takes time and money so by purchasing your materials here, every penny goes directly to maintaining this site.

Additional new materials…

  • The section under “About Us” provides contact information should you wish to have someone come to your area to present a workshop on verbal, emotional, and/or spiritual abuse in a marriage.
  • The abuse definitions have been expanded
  • More resources have been included

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