Newsletter and Forum Updates

F.F.V.B. Newsletter…

We are about ready to launch our first newsletter in the next couple of weeks. What’s the purpose? To reach people who are wanting more information about domestic violence. Although this site is more geared towards verbal, emotional, and spiritual abuse, physical abuse can often be a part of the mix. In almost ALL cases, physical abuse has verbal and emotional abuse.

The newsletter will provide regular updated information, resources, articles, and comments to help those going through some type of abusive situation. This may be with a partner, a boss, a classmate, a parent, or another family member. If this interests you or you know of someone who might benefit from having more resources, sign up for the newsletter below:

F.F.V.B. Forum…

The forum is almost ready to use. No later than the middle of November, it will be fully functional and ready for users to add the “upgraded membership.” Anyone can now go in and sign up for a “registered user” membership. It costs nothing to do that. The link to that website is:

The upgraded membership allows for members to discuss their situation in private with other forum members. There will be a chat box, the capability for private conversations, several “threads” with information where members can respond with their own concerns and stories, and access to private “coaching” from people who have been in an abusive relationship.

The cost for the private section of the forum is $5 per month or $25 for six months. Because privacy is important, it does cost to have extra security. The main reason for charging is so the costs of running the forum are kept low. In addition, spammers and others who mean harm are less likely to pay to post their nastiness around the site.

The best part about this forum? It’s accessible from your own home. How many people do you know that are in an abusive relationship who are fearful of anyone finding out they are seeking help? With a forum specifically designed to assist these people, they can get help quickly from the privacy of their own home. As more people join the forum, there should be enough people that can respond quickly. However, in order for that to happen, the word needs to get out that this forum is available.

Thank you for sharing this blog post on your Facebook pages, with your friends, and with anyone that might benefit from what this forum has to offer.