Online Classes begin in January 2015

Have you ever wanted to participate in a support session but couldn’t get away from home? Do you know of people in abusive situations that really could benefit from a network of supporters without having to go somewhere? How about those people who’ve already left an abusive situation but have no idea where to turn to? For those in abusive situations, many often don’t have access to regular transportation but do have access to a computer. The forum set-up accompanying this site will allow people to access a networks of supporters from their own homes.

Here’s an overview of what we plan to offer:

  • Membership that allows people to have private (non-public) discussions with other forum members for a very small monthly fee.
  • Access to support groups in a forum and chat situation where people can respond to each other’s posts (in a private setting).
  • Classes for those currently in abusive situations as well as classes for those who are learning to live without an abuser in their lives. The classes will be “at your leisure” where people sign up and do the homework on their own. “Activations” will be done in the forums with others who want to participate with you. Materials for the classes will be provided as part of the class fee.
  • Counseling by certified counselors who can speak with you (at various fee levels) as you need them.
  • Life coaching concerning issues with verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and spiritual abuse (at various fee levels) as you need them.

Do you have other ideas for this on-line forum?

We do understand that everything must remain secure and private. We are working to set up a forum that provides for those concerns.