Welcome to our new web site!

If you’ve found this web site in a general search… welcome! Our current site is listed at: www.freefromverbalabuse.net

This site will eventually replace the older version since Word Press is much more user friendly than what I’ve previously used. Please be patient with me as I begin the migration of information from one version to another. One day, you’ll go to the above site and it will actually be THIS site. I’ve set this up as a temporary “working” site while the transfer of information begins.

New to the site will be a store of items that I make and sell to help purchase books to sell at events that I attend. In addition, funds from sales help pay for workshops that I do. My book, “…But Words Will Never Hurt Me” will now also be available in a downloadable PDF format from this site in addition to the workbook that’s already available.

My goal is to have everything switched over and working no later than the beginning of August so keep checking both URL’s until you notice that www.freefromverbalabuse.net looks just like this temporary site.