“Working Through Abuse” Classes on Free From Verbal Abuse Forum now up!

The Free From Verbal Abuse Forum if offering the course “Working Through Abuse” (30 lessons over two semesters). The first semester helps identify and understand abuse. The second semester assists in working through the effects of the abuse. The course is done in a private setting where only other members of the class can interact with one another. Although much of the focus is on verbal and emotional abuse, the materials are helpful for those who were (or are) involved in work related abuse, intimate partner abuse, and physical or sexual abuse, too.

For those not used to forums, they facilitate interaction through discussion. In a way, it’s like having a “virtual support group.” Most forums are public but the classes section in the Free From Verbal Abuse forum are only accessible to those who register for the courses. Yes, there is a public section to the forum but for those who want privacy, you will need to upgrade your account. That can be done two ways: 1) $5 per month to access private sections of the forum (no classes), or 2) register for the courses, which allows full access to ALL private sections of the forum.

Those who participate in the “Working Through Abuse” class have one-year from the date of purchase to complete each semester (15 lessons). For those who purchase both semesters together, you will have two-years of access. Because those working through abusive relationships often need time to process, it’s important that you be given plenty of time to do so.

Classes are $125 per semester or $225 for both semesters. Those who are interested click here to “upgrade your account.”  All of the lessons are done at your own pace. As people complete the activations, “Encouragers,” staff, and other class members will respond. All course participants are strongly encouraged to interact with other course members.

For those who sign up for “Working Through Abuse” by January 28th, you’ll get a FREE bottle of “Floral Defense” flower essence to help with emotional stability while you go through the course. If you’re not familiar with flower essences, please check out the Freedom Flowers website.  Here is the direct link to Floral Defense.

If you are not familiar with what flower essences have to offer, please sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get a free seven-day mini course on how flower essences can help you.