February 24, 2022

Jesus Loves Women So Much

by Adele Hebert

Every once in awhile, readers send me stories.. The following is a poem by Adele Hebert that shows how much God loves women. Following the poem, are some comments. If you wish to contact Adele, her e-mail address is listed after the poem.

 Jesus loved women so much!

 Thank God no woman was made mute.

 Thank God no woman decided to kill innocent baby boys.

 Thank God no woman was ever rebuked harshly by Jesus.

 Thank God no woman was ever called a name by Jesus.

 Thank God no woman was ever silenced.

 Thank God no woman ran away.

 Thank God no woman denied knowing Jesus.

 Thank God no woman was ever predicted to be part of the plot to murder Jesus.

 Thank God no woman pronounced Jesus’ death sentence.

 Thank God no woman was part of the beating, mocking, whipping, or crucifixion.

 Thank God no woman ever hurt Jesus in any way.


 Jesus loved women so much!

 Thank God one woman said, “Yes!” 

Thank God another woman shouted, “No!”

Thank God a Mother named her son. 

 Thank God Jesus said not to be afraid.

 Thank God women told and retold and retold their stories; they were given a voice.

 Thank God for women prophets, an old woman, first evangelist

 not ready to die, told everyone, spoke to all in Jerusalem.

 Thank God for the caring, nurturing, generous women who followed,

 fed those men three years.

 Thank God for the timid, trembling woman who dared to touch his hem.

     Jesus made her speak. He called her daughter, said she had great faith.

 Thank God Jesus saw women who were ill, healed and blessed them.

 Thank God Jesus stopped His teaching, on the Sabbath, in the Temple,

     Jesus called a bent woman forward, placed His hands on her,

     He made her straight. Men were angry. Jesus called them hypocrites.

 Thank God a few women spoke.

 Thank God someone recorded those few words. Thank God.

 Thank God the Kingdom was now available to women, and outcasts,

     and the poor, and the sick, and sinners, and prostitutes.

 Thank God Jesus never got angry with women.

 Thank God Jesus went out of his way to help widows.

 Thank God for the bold woman who asked for crumbs,

     was then commended for her great faith.

 Thank God Jesus defended children, called them, hugged them, blessed them.

 Thank God for the voiceless, sobbing woman who kissed Jesus’ feet,

     Poured out her costly ointment, wiped with her hair.

     Others called her a sinner. Jesus loved her.

 Thank God Jesus offered a woman living water,

     He told her He was the Messiah. The woman told, told her whole village.

 Thank God for the named unusual women in the genealogy of Jesus;

     they all used their voice, at great risk, to determine their destiny…

    Tamar had to play harlot with her father-in-law, to have a child,

     Rahab, a harlot, to eat, to live, who knows why, saved those spies

     Ruth, a foreigner, needed a levir, claimed her widow’s rights

     Bathsheba, taken by the king, fought for her son’s throne

     and Mary, a young girl pregnant out of wedlock, said “Yes”

    She sacrificed her own life, to be the Mother of our Lord

     A sword would pierce her own soul, yet she sang the Magnificat.

 Thank God we are now called daughters, sisters, and friends.

 Thank God the Kingdom of God is like the good yeast the woman kneaded.

 Thank God women and babes can now enter the temple.

 Thank God children shouted, “Hosanna!”

Thank God Jesus said not to worry about many things.

 Thank God even tears were treasured and recorded.

 Thank God Jesus always defended, protected women against angry men.

 Thank God women were encouraged, invited to sit at Jesus’ feet.

 Thank God Jesus touched women, even those with blood, even a dead girl.

 Thank God Jesus made women equal in marriage and especially in divorce.

 Thank God Jesus forgave women, with no condemnation

 Thank God Jesus never judged women,

     even if they had had five husbands and were living with a man,

     even if they were caught in adultery.

 Thank God the Holy Spirit is feminine.

 Thank God for the parallel stories about women.

 Thank God Jesus valued and praised women who anoint.

 Thank God an old woman shouted with a loud voice.

 Thank God for servant girls speaking, and pregnant women praising.

 Thank God Jesus wept.

 Thank God for the very brave woman who dared to share her dream.

 Thank God Jesus pointed out the destitute widow,

     He wasn’t praising her for putting in all she had left -

    He had just spoken against men who rob widows of their homes.

 Thank God for the nameless, voiceless women …almost forgotten.

 Thank God Jesus revealed his being the Messiah to a woman!!

     And the Resurrection disclosed only to a woman!!!

 Thank God for the woman who anointed Jesus, the Anointed One,

     Jesus had to defend her, told those angry men to leave her alone.

     “Wherever the gospel is preached all over the world,

     What she has done will be told in memory of her.”

Thank God women were honored, uplifted, blessed, healed, and heard.

 Thank God Jesus gave women a voice!

 Thank God women and children were precious!

 Thank God Jesus consoled, comforted women who wept.

 Thank God for the faithful women who were there under that cross.

 Thank God for the “Many” women, looking on from a distance.

 Thank God the women “took note” of the tomb,

     and how Jesus’ body was laid, wrapped.

     They would later show the men where it was.

 Thank God for the women who bought spices to anoint Him,

     to mourn the one they loved.

 Thank God the women went to the tomb that early morning.

 Thank God Jesus chose a woman/women to be the first to see the Risen Lord!!

 Thank God Jesus revealed Himself to women only at that tomb,

     Jesus first comforted the women, “Do not be afraid.”

    He told the women, “Go tell the men to go to Galilee,

     …there they will see Me.”

    The men had to follow the women, to find that empty grave.

     The men came to see Him; they “saw the linen cloths, …but nothing else.”

Thank God Jesus chose not to reveal Himself to men that morning.

     They would only see Him … “late that evening”

    “…over there… in Galilee.”

Thank God Jesus chose a woman/women to “Go and Tell!”

    A woman was the first to say, “I have seen the Lord!”

Thank God she/they ran and told and told and told!

     Mary Magdalene – Beloved Disciple!!

     Mary Magdalene – Apostle to the Apostles!!

 Thank God the women “remembered His words.”

    They and the “Other” women “told” all these things to the eleven.

 Thank God women did not think it was nonsense.

 Thank God the women believed.

 Thank God women were there in the upper room.

 Thank God women received the Holy Spirit!!

 Thank God for the women who had the first churches, in their homes.

 Thank God women were teachers, co-workers, and apostles… even martyrs.

 Thank God women are still hearing the voice of God.

 Above all, Jesus gave women a voice!!       

 Adele Hebert, adele_h@telus.net


         Despite who we are, God still loves us. Adele shows scriptures throughout her poem that prove that point. If you look at the main page for the "Christian Perspective," you will see how I give many scriptures that show God's love for women and how we are a part of His overall plan. He couldn't do it without us. It takes BOTH men and women to fulfill the plan God intended for human nature. Because the enemy is who he is... one of his goals is to keep men and women separated and at odds with one another. Domestic violence (physical, emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse) is one method of doing that. If the enemy can get us away from God's plan for our lives as men and women, then he's accomplished part of HIS plan. When only half a voice (the voice of a male) is allowed, then the other half of God's intended plan for human kind is never heard. Imagine what our world would be like if all human kind were allowed the same voice; male, female, all races, all nationalities, etc.?

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