This site is for anyone interested in learning more about verbal, emotional, or spiritual abuse.


Typical “Behaviors” and Signs of Verbal  and Emotional Abuse:

Do you feel blamed for what’s happening in your relationship?

Does your partner lie to you and then not own up to it?

Does your partner try to keep you from doing things you enjoy?

Does your partner dictate what you can and can’t do, and when you can do it?

Does your partner want to control everything you do?

Does your partner use religion as a method of requiring you to submit?

Does your partner contradict or disagree with you frequently?

Do you ever feel threatened in any manner?

Do you feel isolated from family and friends?

Does your partner make light of, or demean your accomplishments?

Does your partner forget important things a lot? 

Does your partner withhold attention, affection, or information from you?

Does your partner make fun or you, tease you, and/or call you names?

Does your partner use body language as a method of treating you poorly?

Do you feel judged and then criticized for things you do?

Do you feel your self-esteem being chipped away at?


 The Purpose of this site:

  • We are here to assist you by providing resources to further your education about verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and spiritual abuse.
  • We are NOT trained counselors or psychologists, but can direct you toward them.
  • Beginning in January of 2015, there will be a forum for those desiring to participate in secure and safe conversations about all forms of domestic violence, bullying, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and spiritual abuse.

What can YOU do for us?

  • We want to hear from you.
  • Tell us your story. Tell us about yourself..
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