Online forum coming in January!

Are you interested in connecting with people to discuss and process situations involving verbal, emotional, and spiritual abuse? We are hoping to set up an on-line forum by the beginning of January where people can participate in the following activities:

  • Support groups via an online chat at specific times throughout the month
  • An online class to process through abusive situations
  • Access to counselors that could work with you online/ph0ne/Skype
  • Personal coaching to help work through the after effects of abuse

If this is something that would interest you, please let us know! Send an e-mail through the contact section of this website so we can begin by adding you to an e-mail list for a newsletter that we begin by the beginning of December.

Do you have other suggestions or needs? The idea is to provide a safe and secure online community where people who aren’t normally able to access regular “on-site” assistance can do so through an on-line forum.

Please share this page with your friends on Facebook and other social media to help spread the word so we can get people on our newsletter list.

Thank you,

Free From Verbal Abuse staff