...But Words Will Never Hurt Me is my story of living in an abusive marriage
by Del Hungerford

And... "But Words Will Never Hurt Me: Supporting Workbook"
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Why did I write this book?  

        In my search for answers, I found writings that explained what I was dealing with and why.  They were all very helpful, yet I yearned for more.  I wanted to hear stories of real people who suffered much like I did.  I wanted to know how they handled the situations of life and how they overcame hardships, but I soon realized, not much has been written on the subject of abusing with words or actions, and of using belief systems as a weapon.  
        I knew that I would be writing a book about my marriage, BEFORE I was married.  I thought the book would be about how to make a marriage work, even in the tough times.  Not actually having a title yet, I started taking notes for the book within a few shorts months of marriage.  I continued to journal, keeping track of conversations, in addition to my own thoughts and feelings at the time.  With my writing topic changed, I begin a new chapter in life where my hope is to assist others who've suffered at the hands of an abuser.
        In reading my story, one may come across a situation that is very familiar.  It will be easy to see me, as well as the others, show our true colors.  Nothing has been hidden or “subdued.”  In order for others to understand, I feel it is important to see and experience what went through my mind and what came out of my mouth.  My focus is to present the facts of any given situation in their truest form. Many of our decisions (in marriage) and actions came out of religious as well as non-religious paradigms.  It’s a story of three distinct relationships: with each other, with our church, and with those who worked side-by-side with us.

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What is the workbook about?

The supporting workbook for “….But Words Will Never Hurt Me,” is designed as a guide to assist in the path of self-discovery in (or after) an abusive relationship.  It helps the reader see the difference between abusive behaviors and an abuser.  What makes an abuser?  Can he/she change?  How do you know if you should go back?  These are questions all those in an abusive relationship ask.  Although many explanations and definitions are given, the reader is encouraged to do homework and exercises so she/her will discover (either alone or with a counselor) the answers to these questions.
What’s included?
  • Definitions:  An abuser always demonstrates “abusive behaviors” but not all people who exhibit abusive behaviors are “abusers.”
  • Categories of verbal and emotional abuse, along with examples from “…But Words Will Never Hurt Me”
  • A description of what I consider the “process of self-discovery” after an abusive relationship.
  • Each chapter of “…But Words Will Never Hurt Me” has several study questions.  The questions are meant to help the reader identify the various forms of verbal abuse.  In addition, the reader is given questions to help identify issues in his/her own relationship.