Jacob's Ladder
a transition house for women

Esther McCall, Director

        Jacob's Ladder is located in Moscow, Idaho. Under the direction of Esther McCall, women learn how to live in today's society. Originally intended for women who have recently come out of jail or prison, the focus is broadening to general assistance for women. Jacob's Ladder provides a place for women to live while in "transition." They learn basic life skills in addition to receiving assistance in other areas as needed. Esther's "heart" with Jacob's Ladder is to provide assistance for single women. Residents live at Jacob's Ladder for a specified amount of time. They work locally at a job, seek counseling as needed, and use their time at Jacob's Ladder to work through emotional healing.
Jacob's Ladder may be accepting new residents by the summer of 2012.

Current structure of Jacob's Ladder:
  • Within walking distance to stores and downtown Moscow
  • Residence are requested to have a financial source, whether through a job or other means
  • Although counseling is not a part of Jacob's Ladder at this time, resources are available for residents 
  • Currently allows for three residents 
  • Residents share in household duties 

Future plans for Jacob's Ladder:
  • Garden for growing much of the food
  • Two new buildings of which will provide a large kitchen for the women to cook
  • A large meeting room for events and studies
  • Individual rooms for more residents (possibly ten residents)
  • Teachings on life skills

Available Resources in the Area:
  • The YWCA of Lewiston has great resources for women who've been abused or need general assistance.  Various support groups are offered.  With Lewiston being only 40 minutes from Moscow, the YWCA is a great resource.   For those who need financial assistance, the YWCA counseling services are considered free, but donations are accepted.  Their website is located at: www.ywcaidaho.org
  • Elijah House in Spokane is 90 miles away.  They provide wonderful counseling services for Christians in need of counseling of any type through one-week "intensives."    Their website is located at: www.elijahhouse.org
  • There are a few local counselors that can be recommended upon arrival at Jacob's Ladder

Generally asked Questions?
  • How do I sign up for Jacob's Ladder?  Send an e-mail to: del.hungerford@gmail.com
  • What is required in order to be accepted into Jacob's Ladder?  You will be sent an application, via e-mail as an attachment in Microsoft Word.  You will then be asked to send it back via e-mail.
  • How is it decided who is accepted to Jacob's Ladder? Decisions are made through prayer.  Preference is given to single women who cannot meet the requirements for other types of assistance. Applicants will be given an interview upon receipt of the application.
  • What are the fees for Jacob's Ladder?  It is expected that residents will pay rent and help with food expenses. Jacob's Ladder is privately owned. At this point, Jacob's Ladder is not approved by any state agencies; therefore, outside funding is not yet available.  
  • How long can I stay at Jacob's Ladder?  Much of this depends on your situation. This will be addressed in the interview process.
  • What will be expected of me?  We require that residents hold down some form of employment. We believe that being "idle" is not good for mental health, although we understand that a transition time might be necessary. Residents need to be actively seeking counseling and/or working toward being able to live independantly. 
  • Can I give a tax-free donation to Jacob's Ladder? At this time, we are not set up for this but are working on it! However, donations are still accepted! Contact us for a mailing address in which to send your gift.