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Inland Northwest for
Verbal, Emotional, and Spiritual Abuse

A.A.R.D.V.A.R.C (An Abuse, Rape, Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection) A web site for residents in Idaho on all aspects of the law, what you can do, how to find help, where to find help and much more. (There are also links to other states from the main page.)

Abuse Recovery Ministries (ARMS)
in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Ohio:  "ARMS encourages beliefs and behaviors that heal and promote healthy lifestyles. Although we use biblical principles, we offer our services regardless of a person's faith.  ARMS serves Oregon, Washington, Idaho and the northern Kentucky/Cincinnati, Ohio area." Toll free number: 866-262-9284 or check their web site for additional contact information:

Living Well and Consulting in Post Falls, Idaho:  Kriss Mitchell (head counselor) works with individuals and couples and children over 14. For people who come from out of town, she will make arrangements to see them for longer sessions and once seen in the office, can work with them over the phone or by video chat. Kriss believes that finding the cause of problems and changing belief systems that are in error, is the major key to recovery. She works with clients to change how they view the world; which enables people to change their behavior along with it. She works with abuse cases, depression, financial counseling, family issues, etc. Her organization can be contacted through her web site at:

Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse in Latah County, Idaho and Whitman County, Washington:  "We affirm and support non-violence in our community. We provide a safe, supportive, environment where victims and survivors are provided opportunities for advocacy, safety, learning and self determination. We are dedicated to social change efforts through education and outreach that focus on the effects of crime, domestic and sexual violence on our communities." For more information, please check their web site:  Phone number: 208-882-2490 (Moscow office) and 509-332-0552 (Pullman office). E-mail: (Moscow Office) or (Pullman office).
  • Please note.... ATVP works with abuse victims OUTSIDE of Latah or Whitman Counties as needed! People have called all over from the United States because of their unique services.

Couer d'Alene Women's Center of Idaho:  "The Women's Center provides 24-hour crisis intervention to people in need due to domestic or sexual violence. The Women's Center has been assisting families in crisis as a result of violence since 1977. It is a non-profit agency with services provided free of charge. The Women's Center is victim advocacy-based and maintains confidentiality for its clients. The Women's Center is funded by ongoing community support, the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance, United Way, The Friends of the Center, grants, numerous fundraising events and through the generosity of a number of public and private donors." More information about the resources they offer can be found on their web site at: Their crisis line number for Kootenai County is: 208-664-1443.  Other calls should be directed to:  208-664-9303.  They may also be e-mailed at:

Divorce Sources: Idaho is a web site devoted to residents of the State of Idaho for finding shelters, counselors and agencies that can assist through the divorce process when domestic violence is involved.

Divorce Sources: Washington is the same website for Idaho but includes the information for Washington. Click here for the Washingotn page.

O.A.S.I.S in Post Falls, Idaho:  "The O.A.S.I.S. Program stands for Officers and Advocates Sharing Intervention Services. This program is an innovative approach between law enforcement and victim advocates providing direct, immediate services and shelter to victims of domestic violence and other crimes."  Visit their web site at for more information. Phone number:  208-773-3517.  E-mail:

Tapio Counseling of  Spokane, Washington:  "Tapio Counseling is a general practice counseling service. A variety of services are offered at Tapio Counseling. General Practice Services: Tapio Counseling offers counseling for individuals, couples in conflict, families, children, adolescents, and blended families. Groups are offered for both men and women." Herb Robinson, founder and director of Tapio Counseling, also offers counseling to those involved in domestic violence.  Check out his web site at:  You may e-mail Tapio at: or call 509-534-5028.

Spokane County Domestic Violence Consortium (SCDVC):  "The SCDVC is a local non-profit agency with a strong membership and educated staff that coordinates the local community response to family violence. Provides community education on family violence through presentations and written materials. Also maintains a comprehensive resource library of materials that can be checked out. Provides referrals to other family violence agencies and community education through the Intimate Partner Violence in the Workplace Program." The only contact that has been found at this point is a phone number. They can be reached at: 509-487-6783

Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Team:  "The Domestic Violence Team of the Office of the Spokane City Prosecutor is comprised of three assistant city prosecutor's who, with the assistance of one support staff member, prosecute approximately 1500 misdemeanor Domestic Violence (DV) cases, from start to finish, annually. The Spokane City Prosecutor (SCP) acts as an integral component of the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Team (SRDVT), an organization that is comprised of a number of separate agencies brought together in order to collaborate on services, personnel and objectives. The agencies are: Spokane Police Department (lead agency), Office of the Spokane City Prosecutor, Spokane Sheriff's office, Spokane County Prosecutor's Office, Spokane District/Municipal Court and the YWCA. The Office of the Spokane City Prosecutor recognizes the seriousness of the threat posed by domestic violence offenses and the need for providing enhanced efforts to insure victim's safety, offender accountability and swift justice in Domestic Violence Cases."  They may be contacted by phone at 509-835-4500.  Their web site is located at:

Stepps/YFA Connections of Spokane, Washington:  Their mission: "To provide prevention, intervention, education and treatment services to youth, adults and families experiencing conflict or crisis." Their phone number is:  509-532-2000.  The e-mail address is:  They may be e-mailed at:

YWCA in Spokane, Washington:  "The Alternatives to Domestic Violence Program works to fulfill its mission via the following programs: the Confidential Safe Shelter, the Legal Advocacy program, the Civil Legal Assistance Center, the Domestic Violence Crisis Line, and the Counseling Center."  More information may be found on their web site:  They may be called at: 509-326-1190.  Dial extension 139 if you desire to reach a counselor.

YWCA in Lewiston, Idaho:  The Lewiston office of the YWCA has great resources including counseling, classes and support sessions for those involved with any form of domestic violence.  They may be contacted via their website at  Their phone number is: 208-742-1535 (office).  Their 24-hour hotline number is: 1-800-669-3176.  The local number for the hotline is: 208-746-9655
  • Please note: The YWCA has organizations in most major cities. Please call a YWCA nearest you for information on services they offer for physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and spiritual abuse.

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