Del Hungerford

        Del currently lives in Moscow, Idaho. Having spent most of her life working toward the goal of becoming a music educator and performer, she waited until her thirties to marry. At the time, she was a successful performer in the Seattle area, had a studio of fifty private clarinet students, and was working on her doctorate. She says, "I had a bright career ahead of me. Moving back to Moscow with my husband probably wasn’t the best for my career, but that’s in the past now."
        Del has written the book "...But Words Will Never Hurt Me."  It's based on her own experience in an abusive marriage. It tells the stories as they happened. Del's focus for the book is for the reader to make up his/her own mind about the situations. Because she kept excellent journal entries, many of the stories have been retold using exact words. The supporting workbook is meant to be a guide to help the reader through determining the various forms of abuse. Names of most people have been changed to protect their identity.  

    In her own words...

        One may ask how I, an educated woman, could become entangled in an abusive marriage. When we marry, we generally do it for love. I was in love and by all indications, thought our marriage would succeed. Having looked back upon it, I saw no warning signs, but at that time, very little was known (and/or published) about verbal abuse.   
        What now?  As with all things in life, we can’t anticipate what the outcome will be. Although one might think healing would be complete by now, and that I’m “over” Todd, quite the opposite is true. I don’t hate Todd and never have. I’m not bitter, nor do I wish ill of him. I feel compassion for him, as he, too, is human. Whether this is your belief of not, I adamantly believe that God is not a respecter of persons, and His love for Todd is the same as it is for me. Our choices were different. We are responsible for our own actions and decisions. Therefore, we will each walk out the results of our choices. I’m responsible for me, and Todd is responsible for himself. With this perspective, I’ve not had to carry the weight of what he did or how he behaved.  I have enough to do taking care of myself.
        I love life and always have. I want no part of playing the victim. I’ve had set-backs but pick myself up again. My book is a new chapter in my life, and I will play it out with the same gusto I put into becoming a musician. A positive outlook on life is always better than the alternative. It keeps the hope alive.

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    Esther McCall

        Esther is the head chaplain for women for the Latah County Jail system. She works with women who are in jail that have various legal issues from murder through petty theft. What do these women all have in common? Most of them come from abusive relationships. Esther's unique approach with the women in jail is to show unconditional love, despite what they've done. She is the founder and director of Jacob's Ladder; a transition house for women who are learning to function in society.  
        Esther has also been a member of M.A.D.D. (Mother's Against Drunk Driving). Her son, Jacob, was killed by a drunk driver in 1988. She understands first-hand the tragedy of losing a child at the hands of a drunk driver. Her compassion for others is insurmountable. She truly understands the heart-ache that many women go through when dealing with adverse circumstances.
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